Drainage System Proposal to Counter Floods and Hurricanes

Welcome back friends!

It’s been raining for the past few days here in Chennai. Usually rains bring about a sensation of joy, especially in a place like Chennai where people experience its climate in terms of hot, hotter and hottest. But this was not the case during the infamous Chennai floods of November and December 2015 that left thousands of people homeless (at least temporarily) and led to upwards of millions of US dollars in terms of monetary losses to the public and possibly billions to the city and the state as a whole. More on that rather (wo)man made disaster here. So another similar rain at present (the week starting May 15-16 2016) followed by intermittent power cuts gives that eerie sensation that we’re in for another wild ride!

So I was wondering today (May 18, 2016) as to what can be done in order to save lives, businesses and properties from heavy damage in the future.

I read 2 articles on Japan’s G-Cans drainage system that has effectively mitigated the effects of heavy rainfall and tsunamis that are quite regular in that archipelago.



I thank the Japanese companies, scientists and engineers who came up with this brilliant idea and credit them completely. I take no credit for the articles or ideas above. This post is just my opinion and sharing inspired by their ingenuity and brilliance.

As I write this blog post, the rain seems to have reduced and the threat seems to be mitigated, but I keep my fingers crossed, just in case!

Look at these videos of the G-Cans flood defense system:

Here’s a UNESCO resource for different types of sewer systems (not to be confused with the drainage systems used to sustain floods and heavy rains):


Unfortunately in a country like India, hardly a handful of people take initiatives to improve living conditions but bash each other over trivial issues such as:

  1. sloganeering (Bharat Mata ki Jai, but Bharat was a King, when did he become a mother? Was he a HERMAPHRODITE?)
  2. renaming roads (after Maharana Pratap, Akbar, Aurangzeb, etc.)
  3. wailing over a lost blood diamond (Kohinoor, which caused the annihilation of an entire dynasty in Iran!)
  4. Fighting over the legacy of Indian freedom fighters or distorting history to suit personal agendas and political vendettas.
  5. Picking fights with and over college students and purging universities.

… and many more. Put me in the ‘not interested’ category if you will, as this ain’t gonna help any of us when push comes to shove!

How that’s gonna help us at present or in the future is out of question. What’s standard practice in almost all countries seems futuristic or impossible in a country like India. Shame.

Okay then, it’s time to get back to the topic of this post: The Drainage System.

Here’s a proposal for Chennai city which I think needs more modification but will still be as effective.

A map of Chennai below:


In the above map, with regard to the G-Cans flood defense system I propose underground discharge channels via the following routes:

  1. Meenambakkam Airport – Pallavaram – Chrompet -Tambaram with a pressure-controlled water tank (200 meters long and 80 meters wide) setup at Tambaram around 50 meters below ground to discharge water into 2 water bodies near Tambaram.
  2. Ekkaduthangal – Nandanam with a pressure-controlled water tank setup at Nandanam 50 meters below ground to discharge water into the Adyar River.
  3. Velachery – Periyar Nagar – Tharamani with a pressure-controlled water tank setup at Tharamani 50 meters below ground to discharge water into the Buckingham Canal.
  4. Ambattur – Ennore Port with a pressure-controlled water tank at Ennore Port 50 meters below ground to discharge water into the Ennore Creek.

This way, water can be conserved better, heavy rains/floods can be sustained and rivers can possibly be revived.

That should do for now. In the next post, I’ll address how Chennai can produce energy from within its own resources, namely Shale Oil.

Till then, it’s bye… from Iniyavel (Twitter: @Iniyavel_)!

May 18, 2016. 11:07 PM.


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