We Need This in India!

Hello Again Friends!

Look at these amazing videos:

This is possibly the best way to get things done fast in India! I propose a new machine that should move vertical pillars and not just horizontal steel structures! This will take hell a lot of investment, but what better way of spending money than this, if the only way it’s gonna go otherwise is in Swiss banks?

Apart from all the proprietary food items, we need to bring machinery to fruition wherever possible. And since it will consume a lot of energy, refer to my previous post on ideas to create renewable energy.

Step 1: Create 2-3 tall hollow cylinders (and I mean tall cylindrical structures around the heights of at least 500 feet). Make sure it’s made of metal and can be opened up and closed as needed using switches. Cover it internally with plastic or any other material that separates it from the cement and prevents cohesion of cement with the cylinder. To put it in a picture:

The cylinder from above. It’s hollow and has a removable giant lid.

Cylinder Vertical Pillar

The cylinder from our viewpoint:

Cylinder Vertical Pillar from Our Side

Step 2: Pour in the quick cement and let it form into a cylindrical pillar of any height, whether 100 feet, 200 feet or 500 feet, depending on the client’s requirement. For this, we do not need to do so from above the cylinder, but from a vault below. Let there be an open provision for the cylinder at the bottom to add in the quick cement via pipelines from trucks. Let it continue till the required height has been attained. A meter can be placed to check if the required height has been reached.

The vault to pour in cement:

Opened Vault.jpg

A truck like this should do:

Pipeline Truck.jpg

Step 3: Once the cylinder is formed, open up the metallic cylindrical structure and take out the newly formed pillar from it, and close it again. Refer to the second video linked above for an idea as to how to build a 600-ton machine to carry this huge structure.

Try thinking of a horizontal equivalent machine for this beauty, if you don’t mind. I don’t have any idea as of now, will update this later for sure. Promise!

Chinese Bridge Machine.jpg

Step 4: Make sure your target location has the required base built and ready to place the cylinder. Use the newly built machine to place the cylinder in its location.

Step 5: Continue this for the required number of pillars to place in order to build a bridge.

This is just a tentative proposal to ease the business of building bridges and also, it will be easier to remove from its location if need arises. These pillars can also be made of steel if need be, so it can be easier to remove.

Similar ideas can be implemented to build houses, tall offices, etc, so the arduous task of building is reduced.

However, city planning is required as we cannot consistently deforest the land and seize more and more agricultural land. We must do this carefully so that cities will be enough to accommodate people while the natural environment remains unperturbed in the countryside. This is something I will cover in a post much later on.

Well, that’s it for today folks! Thanks a lot to all my readers for your valuable time! Whoa, it just took me 45 minutes to come up with such ideas! Thoughts generate ideas, and these ideas must be converted into reality!

Till the next time, it’s bye and goodnight… from Iniyavel.

March 5, 2016. 9:36 PM.


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